Thursday, February 19, 2015


Deuteronomy 4:9 “Don't forget to pass them on to your children and grandchildren”
“Grandma can we play?” Such precious words to my ears. The joys of being a grandmother and having a child desire your attention. “Grandma can you push me on the swing?”  How do I explain to a young child that I am unable to?
When my granddaughter came into my life three years ago she was two years old. It was during this time that my CMT progressed due to many falls and fractures. My mobility is extremely limited where I am in need of using a rollator walker around the home and either a wheelchair or scooter for long distance walking.
It just broke my heart that I couldn't take my grand daughter to the beach and run and chase after her. I couldn't even take a walk with her and feed the ducks. And when I took her to the playground I would have to sit on a bench and she would want me to help her on the swings. I couldn't even push my walker to where she was as there was an island of sand right in the midst of the playground.
Oh Lord, I have the joy of being a grandmother and I don't have the physical ability to show her a fun time. I used to watch other grandparents play with their grandchildren, or hear them share of their fun adventures. My heart was heavy. My son would want me to spend more time with her, as did I. However, what could I do?
The next time she came to my home she wanted to play cars. So I sat on a chair and helped her arrange a race track. My back was hurting from bending over but it was something I could do and she had a blast. Loved hearing the giggles and “Lets do it again”.
As time went on we explored different adventures. She has such an imagination and loves me to tell stories. We sit on my bed and pretend its a boat and the floor is the ocean with all sorts of creatures swimming in it. She also has a creative soul and loves coloring and making projects. I got in trouble for this one as one morning while her parents were still sleeping, she cut out pictures from their papers and glued them onto another paper.
Last weekend was her first sleepover. I thought how am I going to entertain her the whole weekend? It was exhausting but fun. We had a Barbie doll wedding and all her dolls got dressed up. The extra bonus was that Barbie doll clothes now have Velcro. With my weak hands it was easy for me to help change their clothes.
The most memorable experience for me was the time we were in my car coming back from a visit and I started singing songs about Jesus and how much I love Him and He loves me. When I stopped singing my precious love said, “Don't stop, sing it again”. The next time I came over to my grand daughters house she was in her bedroom singing the same song. I realized what was really important wasn't what I could do physically, but spending quality time with her. Showing her how much I love her and how special she is to me and to God.
 One day she was getting into something she shouldn't of and when I came in to see what she was doing I asked her about it. At first she lied but when I told her she wasn't in trouble I just wanted to know, she confessed. I opened my arms to her and she ran right into them and I just loved on her like grandparents are meant to do. It gave me a visual of our Lord holding His arms out to me when I mess up and I am forgiven and loved immediately.
I take every opportunity sharing stories about Jesus and events in the Bible. Sometimes I put my granddaughter in the boat with Jesus when He falls asleep and a storm comes. Imaginations are wonderful. I can make up our own adventures and we can have as much fun and excitement as we want.
I am always amazed on how my grand daughter gets so excited coming over to grandma's. I don't take her places, I don't spend a lot of money on things for her and I'm not the most jovial person either. But I love her with all my heart and she has become my best buddy.


  1. I can relate to what your saying and you are so right sharing Jesus is the .most important thing you can do. I think a grandmother's love is very much like the way Jesus loves us -unconditionally. You are doing a great work!

  2. Ellen I just wrote about keeping our selves open to others which is in part inspired by you because you set a good example.

  3. I love your blogs. Stay inspired and continue producing fruit for His Kingdom.

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